Landfill management and after-care obligations conformance

Landfill management and after-care obligations conformance

Aside from final inspections of landfills, there is increasing demand for inspections during the installation of geosynthetics, mineral seal or combination seal linings.
Among other things, geosynthetics are used for:
  • bottom seals of landfills to prevent the escape of percolate
  • top seals of landfills, preventing landfill gas emissions

Geosynthetics services

At the request of the client, QS Inspection will assess geosynthetics during the different installation phases.  To do this, we assess factors including:
  • the substrate;
  • the materials used;
  • the application of strips of membrane;
  • the performance of the welding work, welding method and welding parameters;
  • making repairs and penetrations;
  • the application of the covering layer.
The inspectors’ findings are recorded in a report for the client, possibly provided with a declaration of conformity.

QS Inspection is accredited to conduct inspections on plastic geosynthetics on the basis of the relevant standard "Protocols for the application of plastic geomembranes used for soil protection”, among others.

More Information

For more information regarding Landfill management and after-care obligations conformance or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Iljo Fluit, through +31 (0)88 166 2000.

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