Pipe inspections

Pipe inspections

To guarantee the quality of the water and (natural) gas network, quality checks are conducted during the installation of PE piping systems. The assessment of the welding process and the finished welds helps prevent weld faults and therefore contributes to the operational reliability of the infrastructure.


As a fully independent and accredited inspection institution, QS Inspection checks the weld parameters before the welding process begins, the performance of the welding process, and the results of this. This looks at aspects including the following:
  • the qualifications of the welders and the welding equipment;
  • the weld parameters, the weld set-up and the welding process;
  • the materials used;
  • visual inspection of the welds made.
The inspectors findings are recorded in a report for the client, possibly provided with a declaration of conformity.

Destructive testing

As a rule, one representative weld for each pipe diameter is tested in a mechanical lab before the welding work is started. After this is complete, the welds are assessed and a check is done to determine whether the result meets the requirements set.
If desired, our employees can also perform unannounced inspections of welding work.

Inspection standards

The inspections of PE butt welds are based on the Dutch standard NEN 7200:2004, possibly supplemented by welding requirements from the manufacturer and/or client.
If the inspection concerns PE electrofusion welding, the VM102 standard is used, also supplemented with extra welding instructions from the manufacturer and/or client.

At the client’s request, inspectors from QS Inspection can conduct accredited inspections according to the German standard DVS 2207

More Information

For more information regarding Pipe inspections or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Iljo Fluit, through +31 (0)88 166 2000.


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