Verification declaration Dutch Double counting biofuels

Verification declaration for double-counted biofuels
The objective of the ministerial scheme ‘Double counting biofuels’ is to promote the use of more sustainable biofuels. Businesses that demonstrate that they use double-counted biofuels can use this for the Dutch Regulation energy transport. This enables you to meet the annual obligation with half as much biofuel.
Which biofuels?
The scheme applies to biofuels that are produced from waste, residues and lignocellulose material. Only raw materials that cannot be used for higher value applications than for biofuel production are eligible to be counted twice.
Among other things, Quality Services is active in the field of liquid biofuels and green gas production from sewage sludge, landfill gas and large-scale digesters.
The Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa) requires that fuel suppliers submit  verification declarations for double-counted biofuels. The verification declarations confirm that the appropriate requirements have been met to be able to count the biofuels twice. This is tested at the biofuel producer’s location. QS can take care of the testing and verification declarations for you. We work for both biofuel producers and suppliers.

More information

For more information about Verification declaration for double-counted biofuels or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Jorn Bronsvoort through +31 (0)88 166 2000.


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