Better Biomass NTA 8080 Certification

The schedule
Better Biomass is a certification scheme for sustainable energy and bio-based materials, developed in the Netherlands by the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN). Thanks to the large support from NGOs and the various (international) recognitions, Better Biomass is now being used by many parties.
The Better Biomass scheme is recognized by the European Commission as a voluntary scheme and meets the requirements of the 'Renewable Energy Directive'. The scheme has also been approved by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate to demonstrate compliance with the requirements in the Regulation on the conformity assessment of solid biomass for energy applications.
Entire chain
For Better Biomass, the entire chain is always involved so that full traceability and sustainability claims are guaranteed for raw materials in every conceivable sector / branch.
In practice, this means that suppliers, producers, traders and buyers must cooperate and / or must be Better Biomass certified.
The NTA 8080-1 (second edition, 2015) currently applies to the certification of sustainably produced biomass. For traceability and origin of biomass, the current standard is NTA 8080-2 (second edition, 2015). Rules for certification are laid down in the NCS 8080 certification scheme, supplemented with the interpretation document
Components that are assessed during the audits are:

  • origin and traceability
  • mass balance
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • competition with food and / or other local applications
  • biodiversity & environment
  • prosperity & well-being

QS Certification is an active member of the Colleague of Experts from NEN and also recognized by NEN and RvA to perform the audit and certification for you. A Better Biomass certificate is valid for 5 years, with an annual audit. Detailed information can be found on the Better Biomass website.
For an insight into the register of NTA 8080 certified organizations you can go here.

More information

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