ISCC International Sustainability & Carbon Certification

The schedule
ISCC is a scheme for renewable energy and materials developed in Germany. Because it has worldwide recognition in many countries, ISCC now has great international recognition and many applications.
Entire chain
For ISCC, the entire chain is always involved so that full traceability and sustainability claims are guaranteed for raw materials in every conceivable sector.
In practice, this means that suppliers, producers and buyers must cooperate or be ISCC certified themselves.
Components that are assessed during the audits are:
  • origin and traceability
  • mass balance
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • environmental requirements (for cultivation and agricultural residues)
Different schedules
ISCC has two forms of certification for sustainability:
  • ISCC EU: intended for biofuels in the EU, recognized by the European Commission (EC) for the Renewable Energy Directive (RED)
  • ISCC PLUS: intended for food, animal feed, bio-based products, energy and biofuels outside Europe and / or beyond the scope of the RED
QS Certification is recognized by ISCC to perform the audit and certification for you. An ISCC certificate is valid for 1 year. Detailed information can be found on the ISCC website.
More information
For more information about ISCC certification or a free quote, you can contact us on +31 (0) 88 166 2000. We can be reached via email at our general email address or directly for mr. Jorn Bronsvoort via or Ronald Jacobs via


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