Verification CO2 reduction

Independent sustainability testing with CO2 reduction certificates

The sustainability of an organisation is increasingly valued. For instance, there are examples of clients and outsourcing processes for which tenderers with a lower CO2 footprint or a sustainable business model are preferred.
As the importance of the sustainability of an organisation increases, so does the demand for validation of this. After all, when sustainability is a factor in a tender, there is no room for doubt about whether the CO2 footprint can be verified.


QS Certification verifies the sustainability of an organisation and/or a project on the basis of European legislation. On the basis of independent testing, QS Certification draws up a report and/or declaration with which the sustainability of the organisation and/or the project can be demonstrated.

More information

For more information regarding Verification CO2-reduction or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Jorn Bronsvoort through +31 (0)88 166 2000.



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