Keurcompost certification

Compost brings the soil to life. Keurcompost is a high quality soil improver that is rich in stable organic material. The strict production requirements for Keurcompost enable it to meet the requirements of the Fertilizers Act, and the requirements from the market with regard to the agricultural and plant health characteristics.
To be able to supply compost with the Keurcompost mark, you must meet the criteria that are laid down in the Keurcompost assessment guideline (BRL). Among other things, you as the producer can guarantee the quality of the compost through the production method, independent sampling and the use of a calculation tool.

Services and audit process

The Certification committee from BVOR (Industry association for organic wastes) and VA (Waste management association) has accredited QS Certification as an audit institution.
To be authorised to carry the Keurcompost logo, you must undergo a one-time admission audit. Upon passing this audit, you will be proposed for certification. A subsequent audit is then done annually.

More information

For more information regarding Keurcompost or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Jorn Bronsvoort through +31 (0)88 166 2000.
If you a looking for more information about Keurcompost, the assessment guideline or sales points, please visit
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