Training and professional certification for PE welding

Training and professional certification for PE welding

The installation of a high quality piping system can only be done by using proper materials and tools and by employing skilled people. QS Certification has developed two courses and corresponding professional certification for skilled PE welding staff:
  • PE butt welding in pipes and fittings
  • PE electrofusion welding in pipes and fittings

Training and Certification process

For both courses, the process is done in four steps:
  • self-study using a study book that is sent beforehand;
  • theoretical and practical instruction in which the students are familiarised with aspects of producing PE welds in PE pipes and fittings;
  • a theoretical and practical exam
  • a test in an independent and accredited laboratory of the PE welds made during the practical exam according to the requirements of NEN7200:2004 and VM102 respectively.
The course takes 1 day per welding method.


Once the student has successfully completed all three components of the certification process (theoretical and practical exam and the laboratory test), he or she receives the certificate and a personal welding permit. This certificate and the corresponding welding permit are valid for a period of three years. Extension of the certification after three years is possible on the basis of demonstrable accumulated experience during the period of validity of the certificate.

More information

For more information about Training and professional certification for PE welding or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Jorn Bronsvoort or Ms. Janine van de Ven, through +31 (0)88 166 2000.

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