CE marking and consumer safety

CE marking and consumer safety

The regulations regarding CE marking are drawn up at the European level and are intended to promote free trade within Europe while guaranteeing product safety. A CE mark indicates that the manufacturer or the importer (if the manufacturer is not based in Europe) declares that the product satisfies the European regulations for the respective product.

CE marking is legally required for many products. In this, a distinction is made between:
 a) products that can be provided with a CE mark solely on the basis of the (manufacturer’s or importer’s) declaration
b) products for which the conformance assessment must be conducted by an accredited institution, a so-called Notified Body.
The requirements for CE marking are complex. The requirements that are set for your product depend on the type of products that your manufacture and/or trade. The way in which you must satisfy the requirements for a CE mark depends on the situation of whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, importer or only retailer.


The services provided by QS Certification in the field of CE marking include the following:
  • advising on the requirements for and the possible procedures for verification of a CE mark;
  • performing product assessment ordered by you, drawing up the declaration of conformity for you and compiling the CE dossier for you.
  • applying for a conformance assessment by a Notified Body on your behalf;
  • training and/or supporting your employees in drawing up a declaration of conformity themselves and compiling the CE dossier themselves.

QS Certification has in-house CE mark specialists for various European directives, including:
  • Low voltage directive
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive
  • Machinery Directive
  • Construction products directive

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