SMK Milieukeur green electricity

Milieukeur green electricity
Green electricity is electricity that is generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. However, there is increasing discussion about whether green electricity actually is generated and delivered sustainably. Relying on Guarantees of Origin alone sometimes does not provide adequate certainty as to whether the green electricity is really generated sustainably.
The Milieukeur Groene Elektriciteit  [green electricity] label enables you, as a supplier of green electricity, to demonstrate the sustainable source of your product. Furthermore, you can make this known to a wide public using the Milieukeur Groene Elektriciteit logo.
Sustainability requirements
The sustainability requirements and environmental criteria of the Milieukeur green electricity label vary for each renewable source. For all sources, the legal requirement must in any case be met with regard to the transfer of Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) as stipulated in the Dutch Electricity Act.
In addition to this, the environmental criteria for green electricity are also relevant to the environmental quality of the energy sources used. For electricity from biomass, there are requirements for the sustainability of the fuel used, especially the CO2 performance on the basis of life-cycle analysis. For hydroelectric generation, requirements are set for the issue date of the environmental permit as a measure of the strict sustainability requirements for the installation. Foreign sustainable energy production is subject to the same environmental criteria as for domestic sustainable energy sources. There are special criteria for importing green electricity with regard to guarantees of origin and additionality.
Services and audit process
During an audit, an auditor from QS Certification determines whether the quantities of electricity sold in a certain period were actually supplied to the electricity grid and are from the source stated. The audit consists of checking both a volume component (kWh) as well as a quality component (product composition by renewable source). The Milieukeur Groene Elektriciteit certificate is issued upon positive conclusion of the audit. A subsequent audit is done every year thereafter.

The Milieukeur Groene Elektriciteit scheme was established by Stichting Milieukeur (SMK).
Several suppliers currently supply their green electricity to the market under the 
Milieukeur mark, see the register on the SMK website.


More Information

For more information regarding SMK Milieukeur Green Electricity or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Jorn Bronsvoort through +31 (0)88 166 2000.

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