Posted on 22-11-2016

ARN launches biogenic CO2

ARN is owning a digestion facility since the end of 2012. The organic household waste from the region of Nijmegen is converted into a range of useful products, such as green gas, first-rate compost and liquid CO2. ARN’s partner OCAP (subsidiary of LindeGas) delivers the products for application in e.g. agriculture and cooling systems.

Usually, liquid CO2 stems from fossil-based processes. As a result if the reprocessing step from biogas to green gas, CO2 would normally be vented. In ARN’s facility, the CO2 is liquified and captured. Herewith, ARN contributes to reversing climate change and the stimulation of resource efficiency.

Alderman Renske Helmer (City of Nijmegen) receives the Better Biomass certificate for biogenic CO2 from Cor van Ommeren, founder and owner QS. Right: Gerard van Gorkum, General Manager ARN bv.

The sourcing of biomass and the delivery of green gas to the central network has fulfilled the demands of the EU-recognized sustainability certification ‘NTA 8080 - Better Biomass’ from the start of the digestion facility. This was assessed and approved by an independent third party, QS Certification. Also for liquid CO2 the sustainability is now demonstrated and verified.
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