Independent and ministerial competent

Contact via +31 88 166 2000

QS Inspection is accredited and has ministerial authorisation to inspect liquid-tight facilities and to issue a Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration (VVV, formerly a PBV- declaration).

Inspection scheme

All inspections are executed inaccordance with the AS SIKB 6700 scheme. Choose one of the options below, for facility specific inspections.

Market Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration

For whom?
Do you manage a floor or pavement, (mobile) washing station, industrial sewerage or lined reservoir (geomembrane pond system)? Examples include:
• washing location (garage companies, automotive, ports);
• storage site (salt storage, container storage site);
• hangar floor;
• refuelling station (tank site, refuelling location);
• fluid collection location;
• household chemical waste depot / recycling centre / waste disposal station;
• staging area;
• loading and unloading site (tank trucks, containers);
• production hall;
remaining facilities;

Then this is the right place to obtain a Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration.

Plan an on-site inspection

Please contact Mr. Fré de Jonge for more information or an informal quotation. Call +31 (0)88 166 2000.