QS Inspection

QS Inspection

QS Inspection is a fully independent and accredited inspection institution. All our accredited work is done and reported under our accreditation as an independent inspection body conforming to EN-ISO/IEC 17020, type A (I 248) and all the criteria and stipulations for independence that it states.

Field of work

QS Inspection works in the field of quality assurance and inspection of for example the following: QS Inspection also conducts inspections of liquid-tight facilities, including issuing a Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration.

Expertise for tailor-made inspections

Due to growing compliance requirements, there is increasing market demand for tailor-made inspections. With its years of experience, QS Inspection is able to translate your inspection requirement into a solution that is suitable for you. Our expertise in the field of plastics and steel will help you onward!
Some examples:
  • Inspection of jet fuel bladders (Afghanistan)
  • Inspection of pressure vessels (South Korea)
  • Inspection of combination steel beams – wooden bridge
  • Inspection of steel support rollers for pipelines

Liquid-tight Facility Declaration

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