QS Certification

QS Certification

QS Certification is an independent and accredited certification institution. All our accredited work is performed under our accreditation according to EN-ISO/IEC 17065:2012 , and all the independence criteria and stipulations of this. Our services can be classified into three groups:

Verification and certification services for sustainable energy and raw materials

As an independent certification body, QS Certification offers verification and certification services for sustainable energy and raw materials. With our expertise, we help to demonstrate the sustainability of your renewable fuel, energy or raw material chain. We do this mostly through NTA 8080 certification and ISCC. Both are certification schemes that demonstrate the sustainable origin of biomass. Verification statements for double-counted biofuels can also be issued by us in the event of conformity. For compost products we can check conformity with the Keurcompost certificate. For energy products, QS Certification certifies the 'SMK Milieukeur for Green Electricity'. Finally, we verify the CO2 reduction achieved for you, so that it can be used as support for your own CSR policy or that of your customers.

CKB professional certification for plastic welders

QS Certification provides training and professional certification for PE welders who work on the installation of PE piping systems, for example for (drinking) water, district heating, gas and biogas and CO2. Our practical training is offered on location with our clients. Our courses for butt welding and electrofusion welding are recognised by the Stichting Certificatieregeling Kabelinfrastructuur en Buizenlegbedrijven [Certification Foundation for Cable Infrastructure and Pipe Laying Companies]. These courses are also recognised for subsidy schemes Scholingsfonds voor bouwnijverheid [Construction Training Fund] and OTIB (installation sector).

CE marking and products

The CE mark is a legally required label that indicates that an imported product satisfies the applicable European directives. QS Certification supports you during the CE-process with a view to compliance with these guidelines. Furthermore, we can also provide quality control and quality assurance for your product, varying from production to output checks.
Liquid-tight Facility Declaration

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