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QS in the industry
To bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, QS actively contributes to standards development and knowledge-sharing from its role as an independent testing, inspection and certification body. For this reason, QS has contacts with organisations from various industries, including organisations in the field of soil protection, plastics and sustainable energy & biobased products.

The SIKB is a forum organisation that works with market participants to develop quality guidelines for practical use in water bottom and soil management and archaeology. QS contributes to the development of new guidelines to maintain the testing quality of protection of the soil. Among other things, this includes the development and validation of AS6700 (liquid-tight facilities) and AS6900 (IBC works).

NEN board of experts NTA8080
Since 2009, QS has been a member of the board of experts for NTA 8080. The Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN) is responsible for the NTA 8080 scheme. This standard makes it possible to certify the sustainable origin of biomass.

KIWA board of experts for sheeting
QS contributes to the content of the development of assessment guidelines in the field of geoplastics.
Industry organisation Het Nederlands Informatiecentrum Bodembeschermende Voorzieningen [Dutch information centre for soil protection measures]
Netherlands geotextile organisation industry organisation
Stichting ODI/VDV is the advocate in the field of soil protection facilities that strives for improvement and uniformity of the inspections conducted of liquid-tight facilities.
NEN Standards committees
QS actively contributes to the content of standards development in various standards committees, including:
  • CEN/TC 189 Geotextiles
  • ISO/TC 221 Geosynthetics
  • CEN/TC 155 Plastics piping systems and ducting systems
  • ISO/TC 138 Plastics pipes, fittings and valves for the transport of fluids
  • CEN/TC411 Biobased products
  • NTA 8828, construction of PE electrofusion welds
  • Revision of NEN 7200, construction of PE butt welds
Liquid-tight Facility Declaration

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