Services for combination seals

Services for combination seals

A combination seal consists of a film applied in direct contact with a mineral seal layer. Aside from the extra security of the double seal, this takes advantage of the different water permeability and properties of both materials. Combination seals are primarily used for landfills.


At the request of the client, QS Inspection will assess combination seals during the different installation phases.  A top seal of a landfill with such a combination seal consists of:
  • the waste;
  • the support layer, e.g. WTE incinerator bottom ash;
  • the mineral layer;
  • the membrane, generally PE-HD;
  • the drainage layer, consisting of sand or a drainage mat;
  • the covering soil.
The inspectors’ findings are recorded in a report for the client, possibly provided with a declaration of conformity. At the same time, the mineral layer is also sent by QS Inspection in an accredited laboratory for testing, among other things for the compaction value and water permeability (k-value).
QS Inspection is accredited to conduct inspections on plastic geosynthetics on the basis of the relevant standard "Protocols for the application of plastic geomembranes used for soil protection”, among others.

Service life

By applying the correct materials and by applying them correctly, with specific service life investigation in the laboratory and with the supervision of the independent and accredited inspectors from QS Inspection, the conditions are created to be able to satisfy the required service life at minimum.

More Information

For more information regarding Services for combination seals or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Iljo Fluit, through +31 (0)88 166 2000.


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