Mineral soil protection and seal structures.

Mineral soil protection and seal structures

Among other things, mineral soil protection and seal structures are used in environmental protection provisions. Depending on the permit issuer, in certain cases it is enough to apply a mineral layer to isolate the contaminated parcel. A mineral layer of this type can for example consist of sand-bentonite mixture, Trisoplast®, bentonite matting, tertiary clay or another clay-like product.


When the mineral layer is applied, QS Inspection assesses and inspects the quality of the work among other things for flatness, uniformity and homogeneity of the layer. As part of this, QS Inspection will arrange testing of the mineral layer by an accredited laboratory, among other things for the compaction value and the k value. These parameters provide insight into the stiffness and average water permeability.
The inspectors’ findings are recorded in a report for the client, possibly provided with a declaration of conformity.

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