Recycling and waste materials

Recycling and waste materials

The waste management industry is on the move, in part because of policy changes and its changing role as a ‘raw materials roundabout’. Increased awareness regarding the cascading use of raw materials, will, aside from the extraction of energy from waste streams, lead to more recovery and use of recycled streams. The introduction of waste to energy (WTE) power plants has led to the establishment of a market for ashes and granulates such as IBC building materials. The management of landfill sites will also remain a crucial part of the operational management for today and tomorrow.

Water treatment Aside from solid waste materials, there are also many innovations in influent treatment. Considerable yields have been realised in recent decades by setting up sludge fermentation systems. The maintenance required for waste water management systems, among other things mapped by inspection and monitoring, ensures asset management optimisation.

Groundwater protection

Within our independent quality control services, we regard the prevention of soil and groundwater contamination as one of our most important criteria. With our expertise in the industries in which we are active, we provide you with independent results for legal compliance. In this way, we hope to contribute to a safe drinking water supply, for the present and the future.


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