Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy and Innovative Materials

Worldwide, the need for energy and raw materials increases by emerging economies and changing consumption patterns. Fossil energy sources are finite, more difficult to win, and CO2 emissions cause environmental problems. In addition, in Europe a growing desire exists for a more geo-politically independent energy and commodity extraction.

By means of international regulation and fiscal measures, the transition of the energy landscape is becoming structural. The emergence of decentralized energy production and feed-in are examples of this development. New energy producers have entered the energy production market,  often because of the availability of biomass or residues stemming from their production processes. The transition to alternative, renewable energy sources can be made transparent through certification. With our expertise, we can verify the sustainability of your alternative fuel production chain.

At the same time, with the energy issue, a circular economy is emerging. Material flows are applied in new useful applications, (partly) closing the cycle. Also, the certification of the origin and quality of the materials, will render recycled material flows transparent.



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