Geo electrical measurement for Liquid Tight Facilities

Inspection according to Protocol 6702 Geoelectrical measurement

By using a geoelectrical measurement system, the extent of tightness of a facility can be demonstrated. 
Met geo-elektrische metingen kan de vloeistofdichtheid van sommige bodembeschermende voorzieningen aangetoond worden. Examples of facilities that are inspected by using geoelectrical measurement include:   storage reservoirs (fire fighting water, percolate water), emergency reservoirs, piping and sheeting under a tank location or outdoor storage. 

Geoelectrical measurement services

The inspection will be planned after the order is given. The liquid-tightness of a facility is demonstrated in accordance with Protocol 6702 by: 
· visual inspection of the visible parts of the geomembrane pond system
· a geoelectrical measurement.
This measurement is done by applying energy to the aquifer layer outside the facility using electrodes. A grid of sensors is placed inside the facility. If these sensors detect energy from outside the facility there may be a fault (leakage). A report of the results of the inspection will be drawn up on the basis of the inspection done. Depending on the inspection results, QS Inspection will issue the Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration.

More information

For more information regarding Liquid-tight geomembrane inspection or an informal quotation, please contact Mr. Iljo Fluit, through +31 (0)88 166 2000.


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