Inspection according to Protocol 6703 Hydrological

Liquid-tight industrial sewerage
Inspection according to Protocol 6703 Hydrological measurement
An industrial sewer is a system of pipes, connection fittings and elements such as street and pavement drains, gutter elements, collection wells, installations and sludge traps, oil-water separator and inspections wells for the collection and removal of industrial waste water. A distinction is made between two types of industrial sewerage, namely:
• industrial gravity sewers;
• industrial sewers with positive pressure (pressure sewer lines).
Avoid remediation costs
Periodic inspection of industrial sewers is by no means always mandatory, but you are responsible for any soil contamination after leakage. Years of inspection experience has shown that many industrial sewers are leaky. This means that you run an increased risk of soil contamination.
Because a leak is usually relatively easy to repair, paying repair costs to prevent expensive remediation is worth the investment.
Hydrological inspection services
The industrial sewer system (gravity and/or pressure) will be tested by means of hydrological measurement on the basis of Protocol 6703. The assessment of the liquid-tightness of the industrial sewer system does not go beyond the inlet of the inspection well. A report of the results of the inspection will be drawn up on the basis of the inspection done. Depending on the inspection results, we will issue the Liquid-Tight Facility Declaration to you.

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