Service life analysis of piping

Bepaling restlevensduur drukriolering pvcPVC piping represents a significant part of transport pipes pipes for gas, drinking and waste water. Because application of these lines started since the middle of last century, the life span of plastic distribution pipes is a growing area of interest for administrators. The historical estimated usage period of 50 years  turns out to be conservatively estimated in some cases. Consequently the lifespan can significantly extend if the location is favorable.

By identifying the current condition of piping systems, it is possible to predict the remaining service life. This allows targeted investment decisions, where large-scale renewal of the network makes way for replacements at the most crucial locations.

QS Testing provides expertise and research facilities to assess the residual life of piping systems. The assessment programme was developed by TNO, for this issue specifically translated In close consultation with the client, our experienced expets will execute an investigation programme, based on either representative or risk-based samples from the piping network. From here, the current condition and eventual degradation gradient will be determined. After interpretation of the test results a reliable residual life forecast will be reported.

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